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Red-light runners: Aggressive drivers who put others at risk

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You’re young, so you always take the time to double-check your actions when you’re driving. You check the speed limit as often as you can and adjust your speed to be slower than it at every opportunity. You look both ways twice before turning. You use blinkers and lights to indicate to others when you’re going to move from your position.

Despite doing your best to be a safe driver, you can’t account for other people’s actions. You were pulling into an intersection with a green light when another vehicle drove into it and into the side of your vehicle. They didn’t stop at the red light, and now you’re the one who has serious injuries as a result.

Did you know that a crash caused by someone who has run a red light is more likely to result in serious injuries or death? It’s true, because these people are likely traveling quickly and may not brake before the collision. Additionally, hitting the side of a vehicle means that occupants are more likely to take a greater amount of the impact.

Are traffic accidents from red lights more fatal than other types?

Possibly. Deaths caused by people who run red lights are increasing at shocking rates of over three times the rates of other types of crashes. More people are hurt in these crashes than in any other type, and the majority of Americans fear being hit in this type of collision. Around 96 percent of those polled stated that they were fearful of a red-light-related accident. Perhaps more telling is that 56 percent of Americans surveyed stated that they had run red lights in the past.

Why do people run red lights?

The most common cause is because of aggressive driving. For instance, you might be late to work, so you choose to speed. When you see a yellow light, you might opt to pass through it, even though it turns red before you reach it. This aggressive behavior might work out in your favor sometimes, but the risk of causing an accident is much higher.

How can you avoid a red-light collision?

To avoid becoming a victim of a red-light runner, make sure you look both ways before you pull out into an intersection. Look for ways you can move quickly to one side or the other if you need an escape route due to oncoming traffic. Knowing your surroundings could help you save your life.