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Stay out of the big blind spots around huge commercial vehicles

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Injuries |

Commercial vehicles help transport materials, merchandise and even people or livestock around the country. Unfortunately, large commercial vehicles also create big problems on public roads. The drivers of these vehicles have to have special training and are subject to more restrictions and laws than drivers of personal vehicles. 

After all, the bigger a vehicle is, the harder it is to drive safely. commercial vehicles take a long time to stop and the more difficult it can be to maneuver quickly, which are both very valid reasons why you want to avoid the blind spots around commercial vehicles, especially when traveling at high speeds.

There are blind spots in every direction around commercial vehicles

Given their size, it’s little surprise that even with additional and extended mirrors attached to the cab, those driving commercial vehicles can’t always see clearly around them. Directly in front of the vehicle can be both a blind-spot for the driver, who won’t see pedestrians, as well as a danger zone for motor vehicles. If you merge too closely in front of a commercial vehicle, they may end up rear-ending you with catastrophic results.

You should always leave 20 feet of space when in front of a commercial truck, as well as 30 feet while driving directly behind it. You should also avoid driving directly next to the trailer of commercial trucks on either side. Multiple-lane roads may have risks for blind spots that extend at least two lanes to the right of a commercial truck, which is one reason why these vehicles should typically drive as far to the right as they can.

Staying alert and using best practices around commercial vehicles can reduce your risk, but the potential for a commercial vehicle collision is always there. Those hurt by commercial vehicles should be careful to learn about their rights before making any big decisions.