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Can a brain injury impact your vision?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Injuries |

When you think about a brain injury, you probably remember that people often get headaches or might have changes in their personalities. What you may not know as much about is how a brain injury can have a real impact on your vision. Vision problems are sometimes complex results of a brain injury that occurs near the back of your head. When occipital lobe is damaged, you may find that:

  • Objects always look blurry or out of focus
  • It’s hard to focus when shifting from near to far objects
  • Words, images or numbers seem to float or move around
  • It’s hard to use or read a computer screen
  • You are greatly affected by glare or the brightness of light
  • You struggle when looking at patterns or items in motion
  • Your eyes ache or hurt
  • Your eyes tear regularly
  • You easily get motion sickness or headaches
  • You have problems with depth perception

These aren’t the only symptoms of injuries that affect your vision, but if you develop any of these, it’s possible that the occipital lobe may be damaged.

What should you do if you hit the back of your head in an accident?

No matter how you’re hurt, it’s very important to seek medical care after a crash or accident. You want to make sure that you receive a full medical exam. Your medical provider may want to run a series of tests to identify a brain injury and to work out which parts of the brain are impacted. Early treatment may help prevent the injury from worsening or having a more significant impact in the future. After you receive treatment, you can look into filing a claim to hold the other party liable for your medical expenses.