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Advocates say nursing home immunity bill goes too far

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse |

Like the Country as a whole, the ongoing health crisis has had an unbelievable impact on the State of Indiana. No institutions in the state have experienced the devastating effects more than nursing homes. Nursing home and assisted living residents have accounted for a disproportionate number of cases and deaths.

With these statistics in mind, the Indiana State Legislature has recently passed two bills intended to shield businesses and care facilities from liability for issues related to the health crisis that is raging globally. The bills sponsors claim it will keep businesses open and afloat in the Hoosier state in the midst of economic turmoil and insecurity.

But not everyone is thrilled. Many elder care advocates believe institutions like nursing homes should be held accountable for failing to effectively protect the well-being of their residents.

“By allowing immunity now, we’re really just rewarding nursing facilities for the bad practices and policies they were already implementing and letting them get away with it” Morgan Daly, director of public policy for the Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council, told the Chronicle-Tribune.

Elder abuse victims have rights

Elder abuse and neglect are such horrible crimes because they prey on some of our most vulnerable citizens. Our senior citizens should be enjoying their golden years, not suffering at the hands of a care giver or authority figure.

Thankfully, the law creates a cause of action for victims of this kind of abuse. With the help of an experienced elder abuse lawyer, they can bring a lawsuit against those responsible (including the abuser and the facility) to obtain compensation for the harm they incurred.