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How are the families compensated in a wrongful death claim?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

One of the unfortunate facts of life in Indiana is that everyone will pass away at some point in time. However, how and when people pass away can vary greatly. The hope is and many people do in fact live a long, full life and pass away at an old age of natural causes. Many others are not this lucky though. Some people pass away far too young in a fatal accident or because they develop a disease or illness. While any time a loved one passes away it is difficult for a family, when people die suddenly and relatively early in life it can be particularly difficult.

In these situations, the family has no time to prepare for the death. Additionally, when people pass away early they may have young families who rely on them to provide love and support as well as provide financially. When that is all taken away suddenly it can be very difficult to replace. Families who lose loved ones in fatal accidents due to the negligence of others may be able to receive compensation though. This will never bring the loved one back, but it can at least allow the family to focus on the emotional healing and not financial concerns.

Types of damages in wrongful death claim

Through a wrongful death claim, families can receive compensation for a few different types of losses they experience. They can receive compensation for medical, funeral and burial costs associated with the death of the loved one. They can also be compensated for loss income of the victim. This income includes what they would have earned in their lifetime had they not died. Families can also recover compensation for loss of the love and companionship of the deceased.

There are many people in Indiana who die far too young because of the negligence of other people. These deaths should never happen though and they can leave the family of the victim in a very difficult position as they try to move on without the loved one in their lives any longer. These families can recover compensation for their loss though. This compensation can certainly help their financial circumstances, but can also help hold the responsible party responsible for their actions. Experienced attorneys understand how difficult these cases can be and may be able to guide one through the process.