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How do back injuries affect your employability?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Injuries |

When you suffer from a back injury, you may not think it is a big deal at first. This is especially true if the pain does not feel too intense right away, or if it does not seem to hinder your movements too much.

However, back injuries make up the biggest reason for workers missing workdays in the country. Unfortunately, these injuries can affect your ability to work more than you think.

The lengthy heal time of back injuries

PT & Me looks at the inflammation associated with back injuries. The level of inflammation is what makes it so difficult to move, and it can differ depending on several factors like the type of injury that occurred, where it happened and your physical state at the time of the accident. Even mild back injuries can take weeks to fully heal, due to the rate at which inflammation may happen and then fade.

Conflicts with employment

Of course, the big issue with a back injury is the fact that you cannot work with one or else you will almost certainly make the injury worse. However, many people do not have weeks worth of sick leave to take in the wake of an accident.

This results in many people returning to work before they should and worsening their condition. Some cannot even perform their work duties and might end up let go because of it. If you do end up having to leave your job, you may also find it hard to find new employment in areas that require a lot of physical fitness and labor. This is why many victims of accidents that result in back injury will seek compensation.