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How do traumatic brain injuries manifest?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Injuries |

Suffering from head trauma can easily result in brain trauma as well. The severity of the injury itself will often have a direct impact on the level of damage, with more intense injuries resulting in traumatic damage.

When these traumatic injuries manifest, it is important to know what symptoms to expect and what they may mean.

Mild head injuries

Medline Plus looks at the manifestation of brain trauma. For traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in particular, the manifestation will differ depending on wound severity.

For example, many people with the mildest form of head injuries may not even realize they have one. Victims will often experience headaches along with a brief period of vision changes, and they may briefly feel confused or suffer from mild, temporary memory loss or difficulties. However, many people will write off these troubles without a full and proper medical examination.

Moderate to severe injuries

Moderate to severe head injuries are harder to ignore or write off, though. These injuries can cause intense head pain that worsens over time, slurred speech, vision changes, trouble with balance and changes to fine motor skills.

Victims may even display fluctuations in their states of consciousness. For example, some may simply lose consciousness or experience a period in which they “black out” before coming back, or they may drift in and out of states of awareness. Others fall fully into a comatose state.

Of course, regardless of the seeming severity of a brain injury, getting a medical opinion is of utmost priority and concern. This is the best way to treat a TBI accurately and prevent or reduce the possibility of long-term damage.