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How footage from a dash cam provides crucial evidence

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Another car blew through a stop sign, and you were unable to avoid hitting it. The crash startled you, and now, just as startling, the other driver fails to tell the truth about what happened.

But you have something that supports your story – the actual truth. With a dash cam installed in your vehicle, you have recorded every second of the collision. That footage will support your statement to investigating officers and disprove any contradictions from the other driver.

Missing details, finding witnesses

A dash cam or dashboard-mounted camera inside your vehicle is an important ally. If you are in a crash, this device puts matters in proper perspective by recording the surrounding view of the road along with the crash and its aftermath.

Here is how a dash cam can help your legal case:

  • Provides crucial details regarding the crash: Dash cam footage gives an accurate picture of how the crash took place and represents crucial evidence. It is especially helpful if no witnesses came forth or if the other driver contests what happened or is untruthful.
  • Fills in missing details within a police investigation of the crash: A crash investigation, sometimes, is like a puzzle. If there are missing parts, then it is incomplete. By viewing the footage, investigators can fill in the missing pieces and gain a better understanding of how the crash occurred.
  • Provides important information to insurance companies: Who is at fault for the crash? The footage may clearly display that. As a result, a quick turnaround for your insurance claim is possible. In addition, the evidence may reduce the chances that the insurance company will deny your claim.
  • Provides chance to identify witnesses: A witness may provide corroborating evidence for your case. Ideally, it is best to seek witnesses immediately after a crash. However, sometimes, that may not be possible. The dash cam footage may help you track down witnesses.

The use of a dash cam can provide you with additional backing that you need for your case.

Undisputable evidence

Your injury claim as well as insurance claim gain significant support with footage from a dash cam. That footage can provide undisputable evidence, something you especially need when the other driver concocts a disputing narrative as to what happened.