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Which trucking regulation violations commonly result in accidents?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

By its nature, trucking is dangerous. Moving thousands of pounds of steel for long hours means an error might end in disaster.

Trucking laws are in place to combat this possibility. Ignoring these standards increases the odds of a roadside accident. Anyone with injuries from a reckless truck driver should consider litigating.

Safety on the road

Although obvious, drivers must follow all traffic laws. Some professional truckers, sadly, choose to disrespect these mandates. Big rigs are massive vehicles weighing thousands of pounds. Breaking the speed limit by even a few miles per hour compounds the seriousness of a crash.

The use of drugs and alcohol is strictly forbidden. The temptation to imbibe may be too great, especially when no one is watching. Responsible trucking businesses fire anyone guilty of driving while inebriated.

Time on the road

Truckers drive endless miles to reach their destinations. Arriving requires long hours behind the wheel. Traveling too far without a break is a serious infraction. The individual might wind up becoming drowsy or having a slower reaction time. Haulers caught violating this regulation face fines of up to $16,000. Companies that hire irresponsible delivery professionals also bear responsibility.

Preparedness for the road

Malfunctioning vehicles present great peril. Because of this, they must undergo thorough inspections. Tires need proper treads, as one could blow after thinning. Horns must be operable. Otherwise, drivers cannot warn commuters when they are unable to stop.

Truckers have to abide by specific regulations for safety safe. Breaking them has the potential to end in tragedy.