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Who pays if you get injured on the job?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Worker Injuries |

You will likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer an injury while working. Indiana law limits your employer’s liability for damages to worker’s compensation insurance payments.

This coverage often does not fully compensate you for your injuries or suffering. You can pursue a third-party claim against other parties responsible for your accident, if that is the case.

Types of third parties with responsibility

You might use equipment or machinery as part of your daily job in a work setting. If you suffer an injury while using the equipment, you may have a claim against the product manufacturer.

If you use a vehicle as part of your job, you might have an accident while driving on the job. You can seek compensation from the person causing the accident in addition to receiving worker’s compensation.

Suppose your employer leases the property where you work, or you are on-site at a construction location. In that case, you may have a claim against the property owner for injuries you suffer due to a hazardous condition on the site.

Third-party injury claims

You can file a civil lawsuit against the third party responsible for your injury. Although this process is more complicated than filing a workers’ compensation claim, you can recover damages not otherwise available to you under worker’s compensation. These include both economic damages such as loss of future earnings and noneconomic damages such as emotional distress and pain and suffering.

You should pursue all your options for compensation when you suffer a workplace injury to ensure you have what you need to fully recover.