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How can a severe burn alter your life?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Injuries |

Burn injuries often impact victims in major ways that will have a lasting effect on their life. On top of that, the recovery period itself is often difficult to handle.

Of course, the more severe the injury is, the higher the chances get of these difficulties happening. So how can a severe burn alter a person’s life, anyway?

Intense medical attention for recovery

Mayo Clinic discusses the treatments for burn injuries. Generally speaking, treatments for severe injuries involve extended stays in the hospital. This is because of the amount of damage done to the skin and underlying tissue or structures.

In severe burn injury cases, many people will require skin grafts. This is a procedure that requires a long period of healing which is often accompanied by pain and the possibility of complications. It is important for victims undergoing such treatment to have quick and easy hospital access and good medical care.

The healing process can take a long time to go through, too. Many people suffer from permanent changes to their body and lifestyle as well. For example, people may lose mobility due to the fusing of skin. Others might lose sensation due to nerve damage in a certain area.

Mental health in the aftermath

Mental recovery can take a long time, too. Many victims require years of therapy in order to overcome the pain and scars that their mental and emotional state suffer from.

Dealing with scars

In terms of physical scarring, some people opt for plastic surgery. However, this is expensive and does not always fix the entirety of the problem, which can leave some victims feeling dysmorphic and struggling with mental health even more.