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Common slip-and-fall hazards to watch for as a hotel guest

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Premises Liability |

Every hotel has a responsibility to protect the safety of its guests. You should expect to have a comfortable and accident-free stay from the moment you check in, but a single overlooked slipping hazard can ruin your road trip or family vacation.

The hotel staff and owners may be held liable for any slip-and-fall hazards that they have ample time and opportunity to correct. By knowing some of the more common risks you might encounter in a hotel, you can keep yourself safe and take the appropriate legal action if you or a loved one becomes injured.

Wet floors

Floors that are wet from recent cleaning, spills or guests tracking water from the hotel pool are dangerous for all passers-by. Employees have an obligation to clean spills in a timely manner and put up wet floor signs as necessary.

Unsecured flooring

Loose or uneven floor paneling is a huge problem that hotel owners must invest in repairing. Staff should also act quickly to correct upturned rugs or any maintenance issues that might arise, especially in stairwells where a slip-and-fall accident can be especially catastrophic.

Weather conditions

Workers in the hotel industry must be especially mindful of weather conditions, especially in the winter months. Liability extends to the exterior of the hotel as well, so it is necessary for staff members to scatter salt and take any other necessary measures to prevent slips and falls in the parking lot or on the sidewalk.

Hotels can be hotbeds for slip-and-fall injuries when so many guests gather and make themselves at home. If hotel owners fail to uphold their responsibility toward you as one of these valued guests, you have the right to pursue a premises liability claim.