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3 types of hotel injuries for which the business is liable

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Premises Liability |

As a hotel guest, you have the right to a safe and comfortable stay during your time on the premises. Any act of negligence on behalf of the hotel, its staff or its owner that results in an injury could be grounds for a premises liability claim against the business.

The vast majority of hotel visits go smoothly and without incident, but injuries are always an unfortunate possibility. By learning more about some relatively common types of hotel injuries, you can take the appropriate legal action if you sustain pain or suffering during your stay.

1. Slip-and-falls

Slip-and-fall incidents can occur on hotel premises as a result of damaged flooring, spills or recent cleaning. Staff members have an obligation to correct dangerous conditions as quickly as possible and to put up wet floor signs when walkways become unavoidably slippery.

2. Pool injuries

Many hotels have a pool on the premises for the guests’ enjoyment, but these areas can be hazardous for those both in or near the water. Indiana law outlines a number of public pool requirements, such as the presence of safety equipment and warning signs, with failure to meet these requirements being an act of negligence.

3. Assault injuries

A hotel’s failure to protect guests from instances of assault from other individuals also falls under the umbrella of premises liability. The hotel is responsible for employing a security team and taking every reasonable measure to de-escalate the situation for the sake of your safety.

Keep in mind that hotel staff might not be liable for injuries caused by conditions that they do not have a reasonable chance to correct. For any other pain or suffering you experience due to blatant negligence from the business, you likely have a strong premises liability case that may yield significant compensation.