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How safe are driver-facing cameras in commercial vehicles?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Major retailers and delivery services must meet tight pickup and delivery deadlines to keep customers happy. This often requires drivers to stop at hundreds of addresses every single day. As a result, many corporations want to keep close tabs on the delivery drivers they employ.

According to reporting from Commercial Carrier Journal, many commercial vehicles now come with driver-facing cameras. Footage from these cameras can help employers identify bad driving behaviors, such as distracted driving. Still, driver-facing cameras might be more dangerous than you think.

An unintended distraction

Any technology that aims to minimize driver distraction should be good for everyone. Unfortunately, though, commercial drivers might focus too intently on driver-facing cameras. That is, these cameras might become unintended distractions if drivers pay more attention to them than to the driving task.

An effort to fool cameras

Because they know of the existence of driver-facing cameras, busy delivery drivers might try to skirt safety protocols. For example, they may lean away from the camera to try to hide from their employers. Doing so, however, might increase a driver’s probability of losing control of his or her vehicle.

Some anxiety from real-time reprimands

It is not uncommon for driver-facing cameras to sound alarms to reprimand drivers. Some systems even send messages to drivers about their conduct. These alarms and messages can be distracting for commercial drivers, though.

Even though there are advantages to driver-facing cameras, these cameras can be overly distracting. Ultimately, if a driver-facing camera contributes to an accident that injures you, you might have legal grounds to seek substantial financial compensation.