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Roundup Exposure: Protecting Your Health With A Mass Torts Claim

Roundup is a popular weed killer that has been owned by Bayer since 2018. A trusted household product, many Americans were surprised to hear reports of users developing serious medical conditions after using the herbicide.

At Sarkisian Sarkisian & Associates P.C., we advocate for Indiana residents whose health has been compromised from using Roundup. If you have suffered after using this product, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the agrochemical giant for the compensation you deserve.

Read answers to some frequently asked questions about the Roundup lawsuits below. If you have any additional questions or believe that you may have a claim, contact our firm at 219-265-6061 today.

What Is A Mass Torts Claim? How Does It Work?

It may seem impossible to win a case against a multinational corporation. However, Roundup claims against Bayer are not typical personal injury cases. These cases are filed as mass torts claims.

In a mass tort, multiple plaintiffs harmed by the same product file a united claim against a single defendant. However, each of the plaintiffs must individually prove that they were harmed by Roundup. The outcomes of their cases are determined separately based on the unique facts and evidence in their cases.

Has Anyone Won A Lawsuit Against Roundup?

Yes. Tens of thousands of claims have been brought forward against Roundup. Results greatly vary on a case-by-case basis – with some plaintiffs winning tens of millions of dollars in damages.

Will Bayer Settle Roundup Lawsuits?

It’s possible that Bayer will settle ongoing Roundup lawsuits. Some estimates show Bayer paying between $8 billion to $10 billion in total to plaintiffs.

Who Qualifies To File For A Lawsuit Against Roundup?

Many factors are evaluated to determine whether an individual has a viable Roundup claim. Some key factors include:

  • Type of exposure
  • Timing of the exposure versus the timing of the diagnosis
  • Documentation (if any) that could support the use of Roundup
  • Patient’s final diagnosis

Many plaintiffs report suffering from severe skin irritation, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) and multiple myeloma.

Why Is Roundup So Dangerous?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, does not cause cancer. However, other research suggests that glyphosate could be carcinogenic, and that significant exposure might lead to conditions such as NHL. It is difficult for researchers to definitively determine whether an ingredient or product causes cancer.

Is Roundup Safe To Use?

Roundup’s safety is still under debate. Bayer and the EPA claim that Roundup and glyphosate do not cause cancer. However, other research and personal accounts question the weed killer’s safety and suggest that sustained use could result in serious skin irritation and life-threatening conditions.

Those at the greatest risk of developing cancer are landscapers, gardeners and others who regularly sprayed Roundup over an extended period of time.

How Much Is A Roundup Case Worth?

It’s impossible to provide an exact dollar amount for a Roundup lawsuit. The value of any case is influenced by many factors, including the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, the amount of evidence that links Roundup to their condition and the examination of outside factors that could have caused the injury. However, some plaintiffs have won tens of millions of dollars against Bayer. Our attorneys can give you a better estimate based on the exact details of your case.

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