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When you hire Sarkisian Sarkisian & Associates, you will develop a strong relationship with our legal team. Learn more about our attorneys below and what inspired them to become the caring personal injury attorneys they are today.

Arman G. Sarkisian

What inspired you to represent personal injury victims?

The short answer to this question is – my uncle. I was not sure what I specialty I wanted to get into once I passed the bar, and he wanted to see how many Sarkisians we could fit under one roof. Apparently, the answer to that question is – quite a few!

Greg mentored me on the practice of personal injury work, and more importantly, showed me how the legal profession can make a difference in an individual’s life – an individual who at the time is in need of someone to manage the chaos of an unfamiliar situation.

A large part of what we do for victims of injuries is to ensure they receive the monetary benefit they are entitled to under our laws. But there is another part of what we do, and that is offer guidance, educate them on the civil system itself, and probably most importantly, take as much off of their plate so that they can concentrate on getting better.

What would you want all your clients to know?

I would want all of my clients to know that the timing of most personal injury cases is highly dependent upon the types of injuries a person has, but more importantly, the course of medical treatment those injuries could require.

The stigma we often deal with is that the wheels of justice are slow. And in some instances, it can be. But when it comes to personal injury claims, the value of a claim comes from the types of injuries, the severity, the frequency of symptoms, the limitations, and the type of treatment. Assessing an injury, treating an injury, and then determining whether the treatment has helped, or ever will help, takes time in the medical industry. And until those steps are taken, the value of a case is not always a clear answer.

What can clients expect from working with you?

One of the policies at our office that I am most proud of, and it’s not so much a policy as it is a culture that my uncle has created, is that we work to get as much value for our clients and cases as we possibly can, even when its not the most economical or time-conscious thing to do.

Most cases these days get settled without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom, and that occurs for any number of reasons. But sometimes you must put your foot down and trust the members of our community to hear the case and make the decision as the jury. That is what the system was designed to do and oftentimes, that is where our clients get the best result.

What is one case that made you rethink or change your perspective on the law?

One case that stays with me was one where we had to file a lawsuit against the City of East Chicago. My client was stepping out of the passenger door of her vehicle one evening and tripped over a city water pipe that was left uncapped by city workers. She suffered a serious fracture to her ankle that required several surgeries.

However, since the City of East Chicago is a municipality, it is afforded more protection under the laws in Indiana. In other words, a municipality can be almost wholly at fault for a incident and injury, but if the person injured is ever so slightly at fault as well, then that person is completely barred from ever recovering anything.

Those are hard-fought cases because the law heavily favors the municipalities, but that was necessary given the severity of my client’s injuries. I understand the reasons for the extra protection, but with the availability of insurance coverage to municipalities, I feel in some cases a municipality should be held to the same standards as any other entity.

Kane G. Sarkisian

Which case has left the greatest impact on your life?

I would have to say that the case that has impacted my life the most so far was the first case I had to take to trial. Today, many cases are settled before one of my clients ever has to see the inside of a courtroom. But there are those cases that must be tried in order to give the client everything that he or she is entitled to under our civil justice system.

I feel the first case has had the greatest impact so far because only after having gone through the civil justice system are you able to fully appreciate its purpose and benefits for our clients. It’s a system that was put in place generations ago yet is still helping people and businesses resolve conflicts today.

How would you describe the culture at Sarkisian Sarkisian & Associates?

As the firm name suggests, we are a law firm filled with family members. And that is the culture we support. Whether your last name is Sarkisian or not, I believe people feel like a part of the group. And that not only applies to the attorneys and staff members at the firm, that is how many of our clients feel also, both during and after any case we may have with them.

What was the best interaction you’ve ever had with a client?

I do not believe I can identify one interaction with a client that was the best. However, I can say with certainty that my clients become my friends. With the type of work that we do and type of culture we have at our firm, we as attorneys have the benefit of being let into the life of a person who truly needs help in a situation that they have never been in before.

We all know how uncomfortable and stressful it is to be in a situation that is unfamiliar. And when that situation involves an injury and someone is unable to work, or unable to drive, or loses a loved one, it can affect many other aspects of our lives. So, for us to be able to step into a bad situation and make it better, it typically fosters a relationship that often continues beyond the case we are hired for.

What keeps you up at night?

Besides my two dogs trying to take over all the room on my bed, I would say that an aspect of our role that keeps me up at night is what can be done for a client’s case that makes it stronger or maximizes the value. Every single case is different because it involves different case facts, different people, different injuries, etc. Because of those differences, you cannot just go through the same steps case after case and do right by your client.

Furthermore, because of the amount of work that goes into each case, it’s impossible to touch every case every day. So oftentimes a client will pop into my head and before I know it, I’m emailing myself reminders on issues to look up, questions to ask the other side, or witnesses to go and speak with.

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