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Talking to your teen driver about texting at the wheel

Earning your license and getting behind the wheel of a car is a sign of impending adulthood for many American teenagers. Many young adults look forward to the freedom that comes with driving. However, letting teenagers take the wheel can be a source of increased expense and anxiety for parents in Indiana.

Teen drivers cost more money to insure because they don't have the experience and skill that adult drivers have. They also run the risk of getting into serious crashes that can leave them injured and you partially liable for any injuries or damages they cause to others.

Ways to keep yourself safe as a pedestrian in the summer

Now that spring has come to Indiana, it is easy to see that summer is just around the corner. That means that you will likely want to enjoy the weather by going on pleasant strolls or even deciding to walk to local errands. Walking is a great form of exercise, and traveling by foot instead of by car is both cheaper and better for the environment. However, it does carry its own set of risks.

Anywhere you walk, you will likely find yourself in close proximity to motor vehicles. Unfortunately, while you may be very aware of those vehicles nearby, their drivers may not be as aware of you. Whether they are distracted by texting or just too focused on where they're going to really watch their surroundings, the people in vehicles can pose a serious risk to you as a pedestrian.

Red-light runners: Aggressive drivers who put others at risk

You're young, so you always take the time to double-check your actions when you're driving. You check the speed limit as often as you can and adjust your speed to be slower than it at every opportunity. You look both ways twice before turning. You use blinkers and lights to indicate to others when you're going to move from your position.

Despite doing your best to be a safe driver, you can't account for other people's actions. You were pulling into an intersection with a green light when another vehicle drove into it and into the side of your vehicle. They didn't stop at the red light, and now you're the one who has serious injuries as a result.

Why you shouldn't reject uninsured motorist coverage in Indiana

Liability insurance for your motor vehicle is one of those necessary expenses you pay to protect yourself. However, the fact that you rarely need to file a claim can leave you vulnerable to making mistakes when it comes to your coverage.

Many people choose to prioritize the overall cost of a policy over the level of protection that it offers. This is a critical mistake that you should avoid at all costs.

Texting behind the wheel: Don’t do it

Parents of teenagers often worry about mistakes their kids will make out on the road. Choosing to talk to friends or post on social media while at the wheel can result in tragedy. Other drivers tend to be especially wary of youthful drivers on the road, worried about the potential for distracted driving.

However, it isn't just teenagers who are at risk for distracted driving and resulting crashes. Anyone with a mobile phone can end up feeling like they need to check their messages at the wheel. It's important that you understand that adults incur just as much risk by driving and texting.

Older vehicles are a safety risk on the road

People will sometimes claim that older vehicles are safer than newer ones because vintage vehicles were heavier and seemed to be sturdier. This train of thought might lead to serious safety problems because it has been proven that people are safer in newer cars and trucks.

Safety improvements have been steady in vehicles since the 1960s, but they have improved considerably since the 1990s. The changes mean that even cars made at the end of last century don't compare to the ones made in recent years if you are looking at them from a safety standpoint.

3 ways to know your child's ready to learn to drive

Deciding that your child is ready to drive is something only you can do as a parent. Until your child turns 18, it's up to you to make decisions for his or her welfare.

How do you know when you're child's mature enough to handle the stresses of driving? How can you know that your child won't make serious errors that put others at risk? Here are three things to consider.

Get ready for the real heart of winter -- and the roads

Snowflakes have fallen in Northwest Indiana, but we haven't seen the worst of winter yet. Now is the best time to prepare for the real wintry roads that will slow down traffic and make driving dangerous. Doing so can increase your safety as you run errands and travel everywhere else you need to go by car.

You need to take the time to get your winter driving survival kit together and brush up on your winter driving skills.

What can an attorney do for me if I’m hurt in a car accident?

Car accidents can happen at any time, and they're never a welcome interruption to your busy life. If you suffer an injury in a car accident, you have enough work on your hands recovering from the injury. Too many accident victims attempt to deal with the personal injury claim process on their own and end up missing out on valuable benefits.

While you don't legally need an attorney to deal with insurance companies, it is usually a wise choice in the event of an injury. Recovery takes time and energy, and oftentimes, insurance companies take advantage of a victim's unfamiliarity with the claims process to save themselves money.

What to do when your parents shouldn't be driving anymore

You probably look back with fondness on your driver's education, and your parents were probably key to your learning. Driving represented freedom and independence to a younger version of you. It probably represents the same thing to your aging parents. 

The problem is that we age. As we grow older, mobility and other physical functions can begin to decline. Eventually, this will impact your parents' ability to drive a car. Medical issues like stroke and vertigo could also make driving a vehicle difficult and dangerous.

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