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A culture of rushing and its risks

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Injuries |

We live in a culture in which productivity is very important. We always want to get more done and many people feel like they have never done enough.

At the same time, punctuality is important. We often put more emphasis on future events than current events. For instance, we may cut off a good conversation with a friend to go keep a meeting with another friend, rather than staying for the conversation and being late for the meeting.

Professionals argue that this culture is not healthy. It can increase stress hormones. It can lead to impulsive decisions. It can cause friction where none was needed. But it’s still something that we’re all guilty of, to one degree or another.

Where you often see the impact of this mindset is on the road. A driver who is rushing to get to work sees a light turn yellow. Rather than hitting the brakes, he slams on the gas and tries to get through it before it turns red.

Or, a driver who is rushing to make an appointment weaves back and forth, trying to find the fastest lane. They tailgate other cars, pass when it is not safe, driving recklessly until they lose control and go off of the road.

Cars have greatly decreased travel times, but people will always be in a rush, no matter how fast transportation gets. That mindset causes accidents, and many people cause injuries or even fatalities just because they wanted to get somewhere a few minutes sooner. Those hurt in these accidents need to know what legal steps they can take.