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Is your parent being abused in their nursing home?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse |

When you place your parent in a nursing home, it is because they can no longer look after themselves alone. You are contracting the care facility to care for them and meet their needs. If the staff does not fulfill its duty, your parent will suffer due to neglect, which is a form of abuse.

There are many forms of elder abuse

  • Emotional: A worker could insult your parent, or they could refuse to answer their questions or pretend not to hear them. It could also be as sly as how they seat them in the communal area. Placing them away from their friends could deprive them of the contact they need.
  • Physical: There are cases of elders being punched, kicked, burnt or dropped on purpose. Others have been tied to their beds or a chair.
  • Sexual: A care worker could be inappropriately touching your parent while bathing them. Or they could perform a sexual act in front of them. If your parent is mobility restricted, they cannot get up and leave.
  • Financial: Many residents live with dementia. It can make it easy for a staff member to take advantage and steal money from their wallet or even persuade them to alter their will.

What should you do if you suspect elder abuse?

If you suspect your parents are being abused in their nursing home, consult a lawyer to understand your legal options. While talking to the management team may solve the problem, it is wise to know the full range of choices available to you. By not taking their responsibility seriously, the nursing home is depriving your parent of the right to a dignified last few years of their life.