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Five physical problems that alcohol can impose on drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drinking and driving is dangerous. This is a message that has been taught to Indiana children for decades. Government and law enforcement campaigns geared toward curbing drunk driving often carry with them heavy messages of loss and pain to prove the point that alcohol and driving do not mix.

Though many people know that drinking and driving is dangerous, not everyone may know how alcohol impacts the body of a driver. This informational post will outline five ways that alcohol imposes problems on drivers, but no part of this post should be read as legal or medical advice. When victims of drunk driving accidents are able, they may consider reaching out to trusted personal injury attorneys for guidance on their potential legal claims.

Problem #1: Issues with vision

Being able to clearly see is an important component of safe driving. A person with alcohol in their system may suffer from several different vision-related issues. They may struggle to track objects that move through their view while behind the wheel. They may lack the ability to focus their vision on their surroundings and possible obstructions to their vehicle. Alcohol may deprive a driver of their ability to clearly see.

Problem #2: Lack of coordination

Alcohol impacts a driver’s ability to coordinate thoughts and movements. A drunk driver may not recognize the difference between their gas and break pedals. They may struggle to steer and keep their vehicle in its lane. Drinking alcohol directly impacts coordination.

Problem #3: Changes in behavior and mood

When a person drinks alcohol, their inhibitions may be lowered. They may feel less constricted and less risk averse. Lowered inhibitions while driving can be dangerous to drunk drivers and everyone else who must share the road with them.

Problem #4: Lowered reaction time

Alcohol can dull a driver’s reaction time. If another vehicle crosses a car driven by a drunk driver, the impaired driver may not have the ability to stop their vehicle in time before causing a collision. The inability of drunk drivers to react in timely ways is a hazard.

Problem #5: Loss of muscle control and balance

Significant intoxication can result in significant impairments. A highly drunk driver may not be able to control their body and may not have the balance to remain upright in their vehicle. A driver who cannot control themselves cannot control a motor vehicle, and their presence on the road is a severe danger.

Drunk driving is dangerous for these and many other reasons. Individuals who have suffered losses because of drunk drivers do not have to fight alone. Personal injury attorneys are available to support their claims for damages and the pursuit of justice against dangerous drunk drivers.