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How do I know if my auto insurance company made a mistake?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In the aftermath of an accident, there is a lot going on. You may deal with injuries, financial concerns over lost work and serious damage to your vehicle.

While auto insurance provides peace of mind in these situations, it is common for insurers to delay handling a claim, deny the claim outright or take a careless approach to helping their insured.

Common mistakes to watch for

Insurance claims are complex and it is difficult to navigate each aspect of a claim and your rights without a legal background. However, these mistakes give you a good idea of how to know if your insurance company is handling your claim appropriately.

  • Denying claims advertised by the company or your contract as covered
  • Denying a claim without explanation
  • Ignoring a party’s right to independent counsel
  • Pushing all claims activity to attorneys
  • Failing to notify plaintiffs involved in a bodily injury claim

Actions to take against an insurer

In spite of how much you pay to your insurance company for good coverage, when it comes down to it, they are not really on your side. These are large companies looking to make money, and that includes avoiding situations that will cost them money. Some decisions occur purposefully, while others could occur innocently. Keep a record of all contact made or received concerning your insurer, and carefully document or gather evidence to indicate something is not right.

Though in place to protect you, there are times when you need to question your insurer’s policies or actions. It is possible that you are not receiving the support and backing promised by your insurance contract and you need to take further action.