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How can you get burns from a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truck accidents can lead to severe injuries, and one of the consequences of those is burns. Burns result from the interaction of heat, chemicals or radiation with the skin and other tissues.

In a truck accident, burns can occur due to various factors, each contributing to the potential for harm.

Fuel leakage

Over 212,500 vehicle fires, which caused $1.9 billion in property damage, happened in 2018. One common scenario in truck accidents is fuel leakage. If the truck’s fuel tank sustains damage, it can leak flammable liquids like gasoline or diesel.

If a spark or open flame is present, the leaked fuel can ignite, leading to a fiery explosion. The heat in such explosions can cause burns to people involved in the accident.

Hot surfaces and steam

During a truck accident, parts can become extremely hot due to friction and mechanical stress. These components include the engine, exhaust system and even the metal framework.

If the accident leads to damage that exposes these hot surfaces, they can come into contact with human skin and cause burns on impact. Additionally, if the accident involves a truck carrying hot liquids, like hot asphalt or steam-producing materials, individuals can suffer from burns in that way as well.

Airbag deployment

The fast-opening airbags can release a burst of hot gas, which might cause burns upon contact with the skin. While airbags can prevent more severe injuries, they may accidentally lead to burns, particularly if they come into contact with bare skin.

Understanding these risks can help individuals reduce their chances of experiencing burns in the aftermath of a truck accident.