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What to know about right-turn-on-red traffic accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Right-turn-on-red traffic accidents can occur more frequently than one might think. The Associated Press reported that right turns on red increase the probability of a pedestrian accident by 63% to 89%.

Understanding the dynamics surrounding these incidents helps promote road safety. While making a right turn on red is a common practice at intersections, drivers must recognize it is not without its risks.

Neglect to yield

When drivers execute a right turn on red, they must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. However, accidents often transpire when drivers fail to adhere to these essential safety protocols. One common scenario involves drivers neglecting to check for pedestrians crossing the street. In their haste to make the turn, drivers might overlook pedestrians who have the right of way.


Another factor contributing to right-turn-on-red accidents is the misjudgment of the speed and distance of oncoming traffic. Drivers may miscalculate the time required to safely execute the turn, leading to collisions with vehicles approaching from the left.


In some instances, distracted driving plays a role in right-turn-on-red accidents. Drivers may not be giving their full attention to the situation, leading them to overlook details such as the presence of pedestrians or the speed of oncoming traffic.

Visibility issues

Limited visibility is a problem in right-turn-on-red accidents. Things like parked cars, signs or plants can block a driver’s view, making it hard to see the traffic before turning. When visibility is low, there is a higher chance of accidents.

To deal with the risks at right-turn-on-red intersections, drivers need to be extra careful. Even though right-turn-on-red intersections help traffic move smoothly, the risks are real. Accidents can happen too easily. Recognizing this can reduce the number of right-turn-on-red accidents and make the roads safer for everyone.